Technology, design, and functionality

We create home furnishings using composite materials. Featuring unique designs, these one-off pieces are guaranteed to ensure the wow factor for any interior.

Sinuous, stunning, and practical, fibre composite products are now an integral part of today’s world of interior design. They have proved to be incredibly versatile and a brilliant way to create lightweight yet strong hollow pieces with soft, rounded, and asymmetrical lines. Qualities promised by few other production techniques.

Using 3D printing technology, we can make pieces with complex geometries in a stylish choice of materials, finishes and colours.

Functionality, durability, and design

We can complement these pieces with an infinite variety of coatings and finishes to meet any request our customers may have. With our extensive fleet of machinery, we can transform composite materials into any type of product. Explore the materials and some of the finishes we produce. >