NU.TE.CO. Crafting excellence since 1986

Composite specialists since 1986, we operate with the utmost professionalism and technical expertise in the automotive, aviation and aerospace, bike and motorbike, medical, industrial and design sectors.

We personally manage the entire production process from the design phase, building models and moulds to laminating fibres (carbon, glass, natural fibres, Kevlar) and structural bonding through to the finished product.

Our mission is to create the very finest quality products using innovative materials, techniques and technologies led by research and development.

Our technologies

  • autoclave;
  • hot pressing;
  • filament winding;
  • manual lamination and impregnation
  • R.I.M.
  • additive manufacturing

Resources and machinery

Our technical department works closely with our customers to optimise the products in production. Ongoing investment in state-of-the-art machinery and technologies ensures we are always improving the efficiency of our services and can keep the entire production chain in-house. It also enables us to respond to all demands whatever the size, volume or technology and guarantee prompt delivery of even complex projects.

Our processes

  • engineering and design;
  • model making and equipment (models, moulds, jigs and bonding templates, checking fixtures);
  • fibre lamination (carbon, glass, Kevlar, and natural fibres);
  • structural bonding.

Technical department

  • CAD/CAM;
  • Delcam PowerMill/PowerShape; Rhinoceros;
  • CAD/CAM station for CNC cutting/nesting for CUTTING TRADING plotters;
  • CUTTING TRADING photodigitizer plotter;
  • BLACK SPIDER 1222 3D printer.


  • Autoclave: 1300×4000 10 ATM 250°C
  • Autoclave: 1600×4500 10 ATM 250°C
  • Autoclave: 2500×4000 10 ATM 250°C
  • Oven: 3500×1300 200°C
  • Hot press: 3500×1300
  • CMS 5-axis milling machine: 1800x3600x1200
  • Plotter/cutter for prepregs: 1600×2000